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Exeter Airport

Hampton by Hilton
160 bed
(Gross Development Value)
£16.2 million

The Hampton by Hilton Exeter is a multi-award winning hotel which is exclusively sited at Exeter International Airport.

The first asset within the Propiteer Hotels portfolio, Exeter Hampton is very much responsible for the excellent relationship forged with Hilton Worldwide and the ongoing opportunities our business continues to enjoy.

Originally built as a 120 bed hotel in 2013, Propiteer built a forty room extension in 2018 due to occupancy figures which ranked the hotel within the top ten globally for the brand.

Our fantastic team at Exeter have won many prestigious awards including:

  • Global Airport Hotel Sales Leader of the Year
  • A Global ‘Hamptonality’ award from Hilton Worldwide
  • Hilton CEO Global Light and Warmth Award
  • Rated as ‘Best of the Best’ by Hilton Worldwide for standards and guest satisfaction.

The hotel continues to be used by Hilton Development as a showcase asset for the brand, and the Exeter team have trained many of their counterparts from other Hamptons around the world.

The Hampton by Hilton Exeter Airport continues to be a stand-out asset within the Hilton UK inventory, and is a hotel and team of which we are rightly proud.